Jackie Richards (cybernet00) wrote,
Jackie Richards

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It should have been us

I remember last year during this time, the weather forecasters saying that we could expect more of the same this year. Well in my small mind I was thinking they just meant Florida (why would a hurricane go any where else). I will be honest in saying I would like a hurricane to come straight in at us…only because I am a freak and love storms of any kind, but I definitely feel bad for the folks in LA. You are told that you have a last resort shelter to go to and in going there you have to wait for 2 to 3 hours just to get in but while in the process of waiting the hurricane is still coming at you. So now you get to wait in the rain, once you have done all that and the hurricane has arrived the roof starts to peel off…damn if only I could have been there (I know, I know I’m a sick girl!)
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