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Funny Story

So this lady calls this morning, well I always have my phone forwarded to the temp Natlie that I supervise…so she answers the phone and here is how the conversation goes:

Natlie: Thank you for calling the Club how can I help you?
Lady: Is this Jackie?
Natlie: No, this is Natlie how can I help you?
Lady: I need to speak to Jackie.
Natlie: Who is speaking?
Lady: (don’t know if she said her name)
Natlie: What is this in regards to?
Lady: It’s personal

So Natlie transfers it to me

Me: This is Jackie
Lady: This is Victor Porans wife (very bitchy voice)
Me: Okay, am I supposed to know that name?
Lady: Is there another Jackie that works in that office?
Me: Yes.
Lady: Can I speak with her?
Me: What is this in regards to?
Lady: It’s personal

So I get up and go talk to Pam which for right now is Jackie’s (who is a temp) supervisor. I tell her the story and she is kind of in “ah” she told me she wouldn’t be in until later.

Me: She won’t be in until later today
Lady: You guys are located on West Colonial Dr. Right?
Me: Yeah
Lady: Thank you.

And that is the end of the conversation. So of course I go back to Pam and let her know that I think this lady is going to come here and put a hurting on Jackie.

So this is what I’m pretty sure happened. About 2 weeks ago we had some guys in the office wiring the new fire alarm system. I remember someone telling me that Jackie was going to lunch with one of them pretty often…SO I guess he never told her that he was married!!

What a start to a day!
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