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I remember him sitting in the back of the class, I remember wearing my skirt and needing to fix my boots.  We had every class together…

He smoked Newport’s and he smoked in front of the school…I smoked Virginia Slims in the back.


I remember the first time I got in his truck to go to McDonalds to get some food.  I wasn’t really hungry, and can’t even remember if I got anything.  We went for other people in school too.  I was so nervous…even thinking about it now makes butterflies in my stomach.  There wasn’t a lot of room since our backpacks were both really full of school stuff.  Of course his backpack was a lot fuller than mine; that was just how he was and who he is.  We talked and he told me about all the cool stuff he installed in his truck.  I don’t know if I knew then that I would fall so hard for him but the bass from his speaker was a sure sign we would get along swimmingly!


I remember building my first computer.  Everyone in class knew he was the smartest so we all asked him questions; he always answered my questions first. I brought in my computer from home to use the parts in my newly built computer, I needed help, don’t get me wrong I learned a lot in class but having him help me was a lot better than guessing.  He stayed with me well after the class was over explaining where things went and how they worked in the computer.  We walked to our next class together we were late…


I remember the time we went to Denny’s we ate our food and talked for a long time.  We talked about relationships and how the world worked.  He was so funny, and I could talk to him about anything and not feel judged.  When we finished our food we talked some more but it was time to go…we walked back to our vehicles…did we kiss?  No, but I know I really wanted to.


I remember talking to him on the phone for hours, I wished every time that we were talking face to face but at least I could hear his voice.  We talked about everything and anything…he was so smart, always was able to tell me how things worked and I could ask him things and he would never make me feel stupid when he answered them, even if it were a dumb questions.


I remember speech class our legs touched and my heart was in the throat butterflies in my stomach.  What a beautiful smirk that passed his face.


I remember talking to everyone in the circle as we always did during breaks at school…he said and I just knew everyone heard him “I just want to kiss you” again my heart was in my throat butterflies in my stomach.


I remember the night I needed help with my computer.  I just got about 5 or 6 kittens that someone was fostering but they were going out of town and needed someone to watch them so I took them.  He came over to help with the computer, we got to playing with the kittens…computer never got fixed but was there anything wrong with it?


I remember the lake…you let me sleep…I was so sun burned, bruised and beaten.


I remember our wedding…our first kiss as husband and wife.


I remember the honeymoon…We were so tired from the wedding.  We ate a $20 pizza.  We sat on the balcony.  I feel off the bed.  We packed up and returned you tux…went to park at the mall, went back to the tux place for your million dollar bill.  Found a new hotel…ate cheese and crackers for dinner.  Got in the heart shaped hot tub.  Went swimming in the pool.  Watched fireworks.  Left for Tallahassee


I remember our first puppy


I remember my sister moving in…he said “I understand what ever I can do to help”


I remember the cruise…he got it for an anniversary gift


I remember our first anniversary…


I remember our second puppy



I can’t wait for more memories…perhaps if I log them quicker I will remember them better.


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