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Just thinking...

“You get want you pay for” I don’t know who said that but as I progress through life I have found this to almost always be true. Now granted there have been a few times (not many) that I have purchased something at a low price or from a store that doesn’t really specialize in the item and it still works to this day.

“Just because it looks nice doesn’t mean it has the same functionality” I say this…I really learned this today. I’m sure a lot of people do this very thing…something looks really good i.e. furniture, computer cases, flooring and so on. Well today I found this stapler sitting on my filing cabinets. Now I already have a stapler but it’s just the ordinary black, metal stapler whereas the one on the filing cabinet is a cool rubber gripped, yellow and black, sits vertically one. Don’t know who left it there or why but it’s mine now. So I guess throughout the day I staple a lot more then I thought…So here I am got my new cool stapler in hand and I’m stapling away, but wait why the hell does it stick every time I staple something, it’s taking me twice a long to do it will the cool one the it would if I were to use the regular, bland stapler…moral of the story? I think you know.
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