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It’s sad when you have a family member that is struggling and there is nothing you can do about it.  It’s even more hard when you have family members that could help out but don’t.


I can fully admit that yes, I spent some pretty big money on a gift for my husband for Christmas (a new phone), however he is going to give his old one that is maybe a year old to the family member that is struggling.  Countless times when her van was broken down she always knew to call us and we would instantly drive the 4 hours so that Steve could fix it, she wouldn’t have called anyone else because 1. They would have said “I’m sorry that really sucks” and 2. Because she will only allow Steve to work on her van after all the crap that other people have done to it to only make it worse.


I just don’t understand family sometimes…while I would never say not to give to others, I think it best to first look in the family.

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