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Sprint-No Techs on Sunday

So while sitting here my cell phone rings, I look at the display and do not recognize the number, but then I again I barley recognize any number why? Because I just bought this phone about 3 weeks ago and have yet been able to get my numbers from my old cell phone to my new why?

My first attempt Saturday Night:

Walk into the Sprint store observations:
No one standing at the sign-in counter
No one in the back area where you go to talk about fixing things
Two sales people in the room (3 Standing outside talking)
The two sales people are busy talking to customers
Three other customers walking around waiting
20 minutes later no one has looked at me or any other customer for that matter
I leave

My second attempt Sunday afternoon:

Walk into Sprint store
Wait in line to sign in
Lady in front of me is asking a lot of questions
I’m up to sign in, Sprint guy asks what I need today I tell him I need to transfer numbers from my old cell to my new cell
Sprint guy “Oh I’m sorry but we no longer have techs working on Sundays”.
We leave

At this point I know if I do it myself it will take less time, but…who has the time for that?

My biggest problem with Sprint is that they are never staffed to handle the amount of people that come into their stores.

Which is why I know this: They no longer have techs on Sunday because they are losing so much business on the people that walk out because they don’t have enough staff.
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