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Are you a horn honker?

In 2001 I was involved in a really bad accident in which I was T’boned (hit the drivers side and I was the driver). I crossed 6 lanes of on coming traffic and ended up in the woods. I had automatic seatbelts which broke and my seat went from its normal size to about 8 inches wide. I don’t remember the accident, who called 911, or who got me out of the car which I’m assuming was through the window or the passenger side door (the driver side door was smashed and not able to be open) or the ambulance ride to hospital. I don’t remember asking the same questions over and over again and I was unaware of my surroundings. I found out later that I had a concussion, fluid in my spin and was very lucky to have survived an accident of that magnitude. I’m pretty sure the accident was my fault, I guess I thought I could make it to the median before that car would get to me but I was wrong. Since then I have become a more shielding driver and I still get jumpy when I hear squealing tires or honking horns.

So what’s the point?

While sitting on the off ramp from 408 going onto Pine Hills road I was honked at by the driver behind me, who felt as if I could have pulled out into traffic.

My point to everyone is this: just because it may seem (in your eyes) safe for a person to pull out in traffic, remember that you don’t know how someone else’s car works nor do you know what feels safe for another person.

So be patient and courteous to other drivers that are trying to protect their own lives.
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