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MY Movie Review

Silent Hill:
I watched this movie last night and wow, did it suck the big one! I have always been a fan of horror movies, but lately it seems as if they are just not as good as the use to be; maybe I’m growing out of them or perhaps its that producers and writers are more focused on effects and leave the story line out of it. The Story Line: The basics of this movie was that a husband and wife adopted a child that has bad dreams, sleep walks and upon waking always says something about Silent Hill. The movie starts off with the husband and wife at a hotel and the wife screaming and running in the woods to find adopted daughter; she finds her at the top of a rocky waterfall just about to fall in but quickly grabs her. Both the mother and father are desperate to find out what is wrong with there adopted daughter (who looks to be about 8-10 years old). The father wants to put her back on the medication she was on, but the mother decides to take a different road and brings the daughter to the now ghost town of Silent Hill (which by the way is in Virginia, have you noticed that Virginia always has the creepy weird towns? Remember “Wrong Turn”). On the way there the mother gets into an accident and when she wakes she finds that her daughter is gone. They got into the accident just outside of the town so of course she walks right in and notes the ashes that are falling out of the sky. She’s looking and looking and see whom appears to be her daughter and follows her into an ally that goes into a basement like thing and as she is going down the steps an alarm goes off; much like something you would here if a tornado was coming. Everything goes dark and all she as to light her way is a Zipo (which lasts quite awhile) then all these weird burning creatures start coming at her and she is screaming and running, then she passes out and everything is normal again. It goes on like this for well into an hour, stating to get on my nervous. See I’m now even board talking about it bottom like is the ending sucked because the story line was really stupid. I of course never tell people not to watch something because everyone has there own opinion and they may like it, but I didn’t.

X-Men: The Last Stand:
What can I say? I have always been a fan of all the X-Men movies, never read the comic books but I did watch the cartoon. I loved the whole movie, it was sad though so many of them killed off, or cured. Jean Grey is a psycho hoes beast who by the way is NOT a Phoenix but has always been a class five mutant that Xavier used mind blocking on to control her multiple personality which is called The Phoenix (really sucked that she was a psycho hoes beast but man they did a good job on having her do some cool stuff and changing her look). The fact that Cyclops dies, Xavier dies, Mystique is cured, Rogue is cured, Magneto is cured (or is he?) and finally the final death of Jean Grey. All and all it was a really good movie that I will probably watch over and over again.

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