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Funny Now But Not Funny at the Time

Here is how it went:


On my way home from work I stop by Winn Dixie to get some candy for the trick or treater’s and items for a special dinner I was going to make for Steve.


I get home take the dogs outside come back in and open all the candy I bought (1 bag of fun size Snickers, 1 bag of fun size BabyRuths, 1 bag Tootsie pops, and 2 bags of Tootsie Rolls) and place it in a big bowl.  Pre-heat the oven…


Steve comes in the door, I tell him I’m making him a surprise dinner so he doesn’t look and heads directly outside to have a smoke.


I place the special dinner in the oven, pick up the bowl of candy and head outside to show off the candy and have a smoke.  We talk about our day, finish our smokes and head back inside.


I sit on the bed, place my laptop in my lap and double click on Rune (took a total of 3 minutes from the time we came inside). 


Jackie: “Oh honey I left the candy bowl outside can you please get it.”

Steve: Gets up and goes to get the bowl.

Jackie: hears the door slam loudly behind Steve as he comes back inside

Steve: “Freaking Kids!”

Jackie: “What happen?”

Steve: “Well I went out there to get it and there was candy spilled all over the ground and after I picked it all up and placed in back in the bowl there is only a handful of candy left”

Jackie: “WHAT?” YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! *I get up to go look* “OMG they took all the Snickers, BabyRuths, and Tootsie Pops!” *My eyes began to tear up*

Steve: “I know I can’t believe they would do that!”

Jackie: “I am so pissed, I should have just done what everyone else in this neighborhood did, just come home keep the lights off and watch TV! Did you see them?”

Steve: “I saw them running across to the other side of the street.”


So that is the story, Steve went outside about every 20 minutes to see the kids and he did spot them but they didn’t even try to come close to our house and ran into their house which is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM OURS!


We told this story to a friend of ours, who is older than we are (in his late 30’s early 40’s) and he said “times have really changed”.  All I can think is yes for him they have REALLY changed but Steve and I are still in our 20’s and this is what it is like now, I can’t imagine what kids will be like once we are in our 40’s…hell the trick or treaters will probably brake into the house to get the candy!  All I know is that my kids (future) will never do that, which is the main problem now and day SOME parents just don’t teach kids how to respect things even little things like trick or treating!

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